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I’m Rhianna, a freelance designer/developer based in Melbourne, Australia and working worldwide. I create custom, personality-driven websites and brand identities, always grounded in real-world usability.

How it started

Looking back on it, my love of digital design probably started on my family computer, where (for a time limit of one hour per day) I’d be deep in my Myspace code, creating what I now realise were very avant-garde profile layouts. I studied Interactive & Visual Design at QUT, Brisbane, and the Bath Spa School of Art & Design in the UK. I spent a couple of years working as an in-house designer at a tech company in Berlin, and have been freelancing full time since 2019.

Web & Interactive Design

Your website is the one place on the internet where you have full creative control; it can be a limitless extension of your brand and personality. All of my websites are built from scratch, completely custom, no templates involved. I aim to invent something new every time, creating surprisingly satisfying digital experience.

The most important thing is that your websites are adaptable, because the digital world moves quickly. I develop my sites using Webflow (email me if you want to know more), which allows me to build super creative, functional websites that are incredibly user-friendly. I create powerful CMS systems that allow you to add your own content, whether it be blog articles, portfolio pieces, products, job vacancies/anything else you can think of. I’m also able to manage updates for you, whether it be design or content.

Brand Identity Design

I aim to develop creative visual brand identities that are practical and adaptable, allowing you to apply them to the many and varied situations. Custom is key, with a focus on colour, unique type and illustration. We dive into what your audience is looking for, and how you can reel them in with your branding aka the first impression.

Let's work together.

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